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Alder Digital Marketing is a full service marketing & design agency based in County Laois, offering digital transformations for your business. From website & graphics design to social media marketing and photography, we offer all the digital marketing services your business will need to get noticed online!

What We Do

Website Design

Here at Alder Digital Marketing we are WordPress and Divi experts. We custom build websites to the highest standard every time. So whether you are looking to start fresh or simply upgrade an existing website – we can cater for your needs!


Graphics Design

We provide all sort of design services for your business. Backed by our Adobe Certified Associate status in Photoshop CC – you can rest assured that your graphic design requirements are catered for by a top notch designer.

Branding Design

We can build (and re-build!) your brand. From conceptialized logos to full branding packages including logo, typography, colours and more. We ensure that your branding will stand out in the crowd!


We offer a professional photography service for your product, location or event. All our photos are taken with a DSLR camera with the highest quality lenses, to ensure we deliver sharp and high quality shots every time.

Social Media Marketing

We can take control of your social media accounts, creating high quality content in order to organically grow your brand presence online. Get your brand in front of the world with our social media management service!

Our Clients

Croft Alley

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The value of having a website for your Irish business

The value of having a website for your Irish business

A lot of Irish businesses are opting to get a website made for their business, and rightly so. There are lots of reasons why a website could help your business, and responsive, well designed website can aid you in marketing your products and services, as well as provide extra insight and tools for potential customers such as online booking forms,...

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5 Top Marketing Tips To Improve Your Business

5 Top Marketing Tips To Improve Your Business

Are you looking to improve your marketing game to improve your business? Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran, here are 5 of the best tips to market your work even better! 1. “Be so good they can’t ignore you” This quote from comedian Steve Martin is true to all freelance careers. If you stay prolific and work on your craft, your...

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How to increase engagement on social media posts for your business

How to increase engagement on social media posts for your business

Using social media to promote your business is almost a requirement nowadays, but are you doing it effectively? Short text posts can easily be scrolled past and not catch the eye of potential customers, while on the other hand, large blocks of text can be daunting and ignored by them. Once upon a time, sharing an image on social media was...

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