The value of having a website for your Irish business

A lot of Irish businesses are opting to get a website made for their business, and rightly so. There are lots of reasons why a website could help your business, and responsive, well designed website can aid you in marketing your products and services, as well as provide extra insight and tools for potential customers such as online booking forms, online menus and a digital storefront on an e-commerce website.

It’s what your customers want

Irish consumers are well accustomed to buying products and services through the web. Almost 80% of these believe that every business should have a website – even just a basic one – where they can get information about them. Over 60% would like the opportunity to browse a product range online before viewing them in a high street store – and over half of the consumers would shop with a competitor if there is no website for a business.

It provides a better opportunity to earn money

Irish SMEs that are well accustomed with technology earn over €26,000 additional income yearly by selling their services and products through a website. Over 75% of SMEs said that having a website is important in generating sales and getting more business. Online sales and booking counts for a large portion of many SMEs income and is a step which all Irish businesses should look into taking to improve their revenue.

The days of relying on social networks is gone

In the words of Allister Frost – the former head of Digital Marketing at Microsoft – “It’s commercially suicidal for any business to rely exclusively on being discovered through social networks”. When Facebook initially set up the pages feature you would reach all of your followers organically, but as time has passed this can now be as low as only 1% – with the rest being blocked behind a large pay wall of advertising.

As the statistics show, having a well made website is a vital part of improving your business and increasing your revenue and sales. If you would like to get more information on websites and get a quote on getting your business online, you can feel free to contact me via the contact page on this website.


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